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February 8, 2012

Pain Treatment Doctors in South Jersey

Pain Treatment Doctors in South Jersey

Pain management and pain treatment can be one of the most difficult things to diagnose and help for a client.  Pain issues can come in a variety of ways.  Some people develop pain addictions after having surgeries or accidents where their body is so severely broken they need painkillers constantly to tolerate the injuries.  This is turn makes certain people dependent on the painkillers to live day to day even after the injuries or body has healed.  Other people develop pain issues in the reverse sense.  Addicts who favor a variety of drugs may turn to painkillers to change things from their ordinary habits.  It is from there that the euphoria and pleasure of thepainkillers may psychologically cause a person to become dependent on the drugs.  This may even cause some people’s minds to develop pain symptoms in areas of their body that don’t even exist.  Regardless of the way the person develops the symptoms of pain treatment, the doctors at SuboxonePainAddiction, andPsychiatric Associates have the experience and expertise to assist clients from all walks of life in living their lives pain free.  Using treatment methods pertaining to counseling, perscribed medication, and group therapy support, we are confident that we can assist each person live a healthier life through cutting edge treatment methods.  We encourage all in the Haddon HeightsRunnemedeBellmawrMount Ephraim,Camden County, and South Jersey to visit our facility on Black Horse Pike.

January 30, 2012

Pain Treatment Doctors in Runnemede NJ 08078

Pain Treatment Doctors in Runnemede NJ 08078

Saq Sayed, MD

David Nardi, MD

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